Robert Mugabowindekwe


02/2012–   Business analyst in Business Intelligence VOO

– Competitive Intelligence with Knowledge Plazza plateform
With the service «Competitive Intelligence», I am assigned to improve dynamic in competitive Intelligence sevice on sharing information. And writing recommandation to revieuw competitive intelligence approach.

Understand needs of business Decision makers.
Manage change in collect process and distribution process.
Promoting Knowledge Plazza and importance of sharing informations.

– Strategic Planning for BI Service
I was responsible of project from beginning to the end. My role was to prepare, to anime and to facilitate workshops to achieve strategic plan.

Organise project workshops on vision, mission, external and internal analysis, news orientations…
Define Short term, middle and long term actions.
Present news orientations to BI Team.

– Security data
I am responsible of BI security project. The project includes reporting data, broadcast, data on FTP and SFTP.

Propose data security project for BI service.
Modelize integrated authorizations in BO and BW areas
Define authorization maintenance process
Follow up in broadcast and BI reports usage
Define Access protocol to BI shared drives.

– Participate in new stategy deployment as BI Expert
I was part of team in charge of defining KPI suited to strategic entreprise plan.

Define KPI by departement for planning strategy
Develope reporting for those KPI

– Data quality Project
I was part of team in charge of Cleaning BW system, in order to optimize space, to increase quality and reporting performance.

Define process to correct biased Master Data.
Clean BW system to free space
Revieuw architecture for reporting performance and data quantity reduction.

– Businness Object Administrator
I am responsible of Business Object platform. I had to define reporting strategy on BO and interactions with basis team.

Define usage protocol for BO users
Point of contact to bisiness responsible for reporting needs.
Give training to end users.
Point of contact with basis team

– Analysis for developers Team
Product analysis document for developpers team in Finance, Mobile, CRM, Logistic.
Validate developer’s architecture for new developpement.

– Trainer for BI tools.
Bex analyzer, Analysis and Webi.

– Review process Chain for performance in BW
Modelize existing process chain with all dependency
Define new optimised process chain model, in order to avoid bottleneck and to road data much faster.

–  09/2008- 02/2012 Functional Analyst in Business Intelligence STIB

  • Reporting project on BEX and WAD based on new business KPI.
  • KPI for public transport ponctuality
  • KPI for Human ressources on absenteeism and employee’s pointing follow up.
  • KPI Public traffic with MOBIB technology
  • Full life cycle upgrade from SAP BW 3.5 to SAP BW 7.0
  • Responsible of testing in every area: Data sources, connexions, reporting, data quality…
  • Integrated existing ETL Datastage flows in BW system with DB connect and BW transformation tools.
  • Reporting on different areas
  • Reporting for Quality service
  • Reporting for HR service
  • Reporting for Finance Service.
  • Monitor Reporting Performances
  • Identify poor performance’s reports
  • Find solution for slow reports: aggregations, training, redesign…



07-2015   In memory data management with Prof. Dr. Hasso Plattner.
03-2015   Design thinking for Business Innovation by Case Western University
01-2015    Strategic Management by Open University
03-2014   “Train the Trainer” by Talent Garden
11-2013     Business Wargaming (IE)

  • Understand all the steps needed to organize an enterprise for business wargaming.
  • Anticipate and react to competitive environment.


08/2011 – 03/2012 SAP Trainings
SAP MM, SAP FI, SAP SCM, SAP Solution Manager, Business Object
03/2011– 05/2011 Project Manager training
Project Life cycle, Strategic approach…
01/2001 Training on Management
Management overview; Leadership; Manage a team; Time management, Conflict management.
2008-12       Training on SAP BW & DataWarehouse
BW 310: Enterprise Data Warehousing
BW 305: Enterprise Reporting, Query & Analysis


2003 – 2008: Master in computing and management, Louvain la Neuve University (U.C.L.)
12-2011: SAP Certification Financial Accounting ECC 6.0 EHP4
09-2011: SAP Certification Procurement ECC 6.0
06-2013: ITIL Foundation Certificate